Execute projects in nanoscience that contribute to the development of the society, specifically to the industrial development.


Pioneer center in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology in Ecuador. Throughout doctoral training programs and technology transfer.

Operational and strategic objectives

  • Strengthen the research system.
    • Improving the laboratories.
  • Improve the processes related to the accreditation of the research system.
    • Creating and developing specific agreement.
    • Joining the research networks with national and international groups.
    • Joining in the Prometeo Program.
    • Submitting research articles at national and international journals.
    • Publishing research articles in Journals of high impact factor.
  • Contribute to the technological and scientific improvement.
    • Contributing in national and international Congress.
    • Conducting research internships or postdocs.
    • Participating in the execution of international projects.
  • Manage the renewal and improvement of the technological facilities.
    • Managing the fund assignations.
    • Participating in calls for research funding.
  • Manage the creation of research centers and master’s programs in the research priorities of the ESPE.
    • Formulating innovative projects.
    • Formulating graduate programs.
  • Contribute to knowledge management processes that integrate undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Integrating students and professors in research projects.
    • Facilitating access to the laboratories.